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ACCOMMODATION BELGRADE, SERBIA - Belgrade Apartments for short term rental in Belgrade. For any kind of traveler, we offer an alternative to the existing accommodation options in Belgrade.


Beograd Hotel

<p>There are numerous hotels in Belgrade. Here we will try to create a list of the best alternatives to hotel accommodation – Begrade apartments . Prices of renting <strong>apartments in Belgrade</strong> vary significantly depending on the duration of your stay as well on the location you require. Generally,  the closer to the center of Belgrade the thicker a wallet you need, and the shorter the period the higher the price per day (some Belgrade apartment owners do not allow stays below 3 days). </p>
<p>All the advertised <strong>apartments</strong> are located in beautiful areas of the city center. We have tried to create you the best option for short stays. If you are interested in longer stays or hotels please visit section of some other website for this for example  section beograd hoteli on Belgrade eye city guide. If you are interested in buying a property, please visit the appropriate part of Belgrade real estate portal.


  • Pool
  • Indoor Pool
  • Free WiFi
  • Pet-friendly
  • Airport shuttle
  • Meeting rooms
  • Spa
  • Fitness Center

Our famous apartments


from 50 - 4 ppl per night
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Skadarlija Studio 8

from 40 - 4 ppl per night
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Skadarlija Studio 3

from 40 - 4 ppl per night
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